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Message from behind a wall

The segregation wall in Palestine constructed by the Israeli is a fact. In November 2004, an artistic action against the wall ended, taking place at six different places in Palestine where walls were under construction, initiated by Palestine artists by inviting artists from different countries to paint an artistic message on the concrete. When I was in Bethlehem in February 2005, I visited several places where the Israeli were erecting the wall. The part of the wall I was filming, is situated in opposite of the AIDA refugee camp (UN), and was at that time a temporary playground for children. The moving picture is a unique document of the day of 17 February 2005. I am sure, now, some weeks later, the same place is now looking like completely differently, as the construction of the wall will have been more and more completed, meanwhile.

Agricola de Cologne

Duration: 10:00 min
Year: 2005