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By Robert Aliaj Dragot
A dynamical interaction among “prey” Birds (Flippy & Floopy) and “superpredator” the Cat (Meno) given through the emotional filter of Gala, a 20 months little girl.
A response to the culture of violence that surrounds us.


We live within a culture marked by violence, both real and simulated, acts of violence and references to it, whether pragmatic or fictional, which dominates television, film, newspapers, magazines, video games, cartoons, books.
Media systematically is bombarding us with loud, hectic and often garish images. “Meno” proposes the opposite: quiet, subtle, lingering, poetic images, which resonates and remains imprinted in the mind. Using images from the experiences of Gala’s pets at her grandma’s house, “Meno” re-sensitises the viewer to the significance of individual gestures and the intimate poetry. Cat and Birds in Peace. A cat and a bird, traditional adversaries, eat aside each other. Though it is evident they are not the best of friends, they mind their own business and manage to co-exist cooly and love one another. It is a potent metaphor for learning to live with each other. In contrast to what one would expect, there is no suspense raised by this -usually- dangerous situation. A humorous approach on the civilized behaviour, and on the importance of peaceful coexistence despite difference.

Brussels 2007