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By Irena Paskali
‘’It seems that all my life I’m dancing on a wire stretched between two fortresses’’
Departure: The trip from East to West. It is always like a stretched rope which is unsecured and you can easily fall and get lost. The rope merges, serves for transport, but it is not secured.
Arrival: I want to present the impact of the political information which traps us, limit us. Here are the meaningful social-political scenes starting from the past up to today. Political is everything for us. It is the morning, noon, evening, mum, dad. It is our life’s circulation.
Survival: East arrived in the West. Bare footed. Will he loose himself or has he found his better road? A question to which I personally do not have an answer. What do you think about that?

Duration: 4:46min.
Year: 2007