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‘Termite 2’ is a video shot 2 or 3 years ago in northern Australia at the so-called Garma festival. This festival takes place every one or two years and is the place where all the aboriginal elders meet to discuss problems and other important matters. The strange thing is that non-aboriginal people can also join and walk around if they pay a certain sum of money. The festival is an important cultural event in Australia. I was there because it was the meeting point from where we (Wastijn and Deschuymer) traveled to cast termite mounds. Besides, the people of the land where present in the exact area we wanted to cast and we had to ask for their permission since it was their land. I was especially interested in the “cultural Disneyland” aspect, where people came to immerse themselves into a cultural event that was not theirs and many things seemed like a caricature to me. The shots of people filming other people and other cultures are especially important to me because they remind me of romantic paintings, (Caspar David Friedrich for example) where the wild is looked at over the shoulder of somebody already standing there....
Koen Wastijn

Year: 2006